25th InfoCom World Conference

Diginvest in Greece: New Horizons!

14 December – Divani Caravel

The best speakers, all in one place!

The upcoming Infocom World 2023 conference, with the “Diginvest in Greece: New Horizons!” motto, taking place on December 14th, signed by the credibility of Smart Press, will bring forth progress and innovation in the telecommunications and IT sectors, and technology in general.

This year, the conference will be at the crossroads of the past, present and future, as it marks 30 years of mobile telephony in Greece, as well as 25 years of InfoCom World history! The 2nd day (15 December) will be dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI World), highlighting its most important aspects, the value of its applications, and the effect it now has on all vertical markets.

With a line-up of highly influential speakers, this year’s Infocom World will once again be a “meeting place” for industry leaders, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurs, showcasing the transformative potential of connectivity and the future of Telecommunications and IT, with a particular focus on next-generation networks, their applications, cybersecurity, the path to the future, and 6G.

After all, the ICT industry is at a critical juncture, at a time when investment in research, infrastructures and technological development, is becoming a matter of vital importance. And this is because, as the demand for faster, more reliable and secure data transmission increases, the need for significant investments in the construction and upgrade of telecommunications networks also increases.

In addition, to harness the potential of next-generation networks, significant investment is needed, to create an ecosystem of innovative applications and services, that can leverage the infrastructure’s capabilities. From state-of-the-art computing and artificial intelligence, to augmented reality and virtual reality, the development of such applications requires funding, as well as collaboration between providers, enterprises and startups.

Investments in human capital also have their own importance. Diginvest Greece: New Horizons, aims to promote collaboration, encouraging the exchange of ideas, know-how, and research results. Thus, technology development will not only be accelerated, but opportunities will also be provided for a highly skilled, “battle-ready” workforce, to manage the complexities of large projects, networks, and emerging telecommunications technologies.

At the same time, cybersecurity and infrastructure resilience remains a key focus in any ICT-related discussion. As the use of networks increases, so does the potential for cyber-attacks and other digital threats. To deal with them effectively, significant investments in research, advanced threat detection systems, and training programs are required, equipping professionals with the skills to mount an effective defense.

As the world enters a new digital age, the investments made today will determine the foundations on which the Information Technology and Telecommunications landscape of tomorrow will be built.

Registration is open now, one click away, and completely free of charge, for “Diginvest in Greece: New Horizons”! Be part of a critical dialogue that will play a decisive role in shaping the future of telecommunications and technology in general, opening new horizons and bringing forth new opportunities!

Why should I attend?

  • Learn about next generation networks!

    At “Diginvest Greece: New Horizons!”, experts from leading telecommunications companies and other organizations, will present the investments they are making and the innovations they are developing. Learn about high speed, low latency, and improved connectivity that networks promise, paving the way for a “hyper-connected” world. From 5G and FTTH to future networks and 6G, the ICT sector is showing its best at InfoCom World. Watch the presentations and conclusions of the parallel scientific conference, which is held in collaboration with OTE’s R&D.

  • Discover innovative and revolutionary applications!

    Learn about the possibilities offered by networks through a series of innovative applications. From Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to AI-based technologies. See how these transformative applications are reshaping industries and sectors, including healthcare, transportation and smart cities. Learn about the rich opportunities these applications offer, and how they lead to a more connected future.

  • Meet the challenges in cybersecurity!

    The need for strong cybersecurity measures is more critical than ever. “Diginvest in Greece: New Horizons!” will delve into the issue of cybersecurity, exploring the challenges posed by the rapid expansion of telecommunications networks. Learn from experts, about the latest strategies for defending against cyberthreats and protecting sensitive data. Discover innovative approaches, to improving cybersecurity measures and ensuring a secure digital ecosystem.

  • Connect with leaders and experts!

    InfoCom World has evolved into a hub, a “meeting place”, of collaboration and networking. Connect with industry leaders, market executives, researchers, institutions, decision makers and policy makers in the fields of telecommunications, IT and Artificial Intelligence. Develop valuable partnerships, exchange ideas and discover new paths for growth and innovation, that will have a lasting and positive impact on your career path.

  • Find new business opportunities!

    Both new, upcoming technologies, and large projects that will be implemented in the coming years, present an abundance of opportunities, either for direct activity, or as subcontractors, since many companies that have undertaken specific projects are looking for reliable partners. Find new career opportunities at the 25th InfoCom World Conference, “Diginvest in Greece: New Horizons!”

The conference’s target audience includes:

  • Businessmen, CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO
  • IT and Operations Executives of Businesses and Organizations
  • Sales and Marketing Executives
  • Telecommunications Service Providers
  • Online Software Service Providers (SaaS)
  • Telecommunications and IT equipment companies
  • Executives of Retail & Telecommunication Equipment Chains
  • Companies for implementation of digital transformation solutions – Integrators
  • Developers and App Development Companies
  • Executives of Local Government and Public Organizations
  • Executives of Public Benefit Corporations
  • Regulatory Authorities and Government Officials
  • Business Consultants
  • Lawyers specialized in modern technologies
  • ESG and Corporate Responsibility Executives
  • Professors of Colleges and Universities
  • Students
  • as well as anyone who wishes to keep up to date about Telecommunications Networks, IT, and the opportunities and challenges offered by these sectors.

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