The change is coming: Innovation is a Greek word!

In this section our aim is to prove that where fresh ideas meet people ready to act in order to fulfill their dreams, then this is the place innovation is born. Ignoring Greek unstable business environment, entrepreneurs create and grow without borders! The startups have now become Mainstream!

Or, maybe not? Are there companies out there that can make a difference? Are Greeks ready to present innovative ideas and businesses? Are there entrepreneurs, who not only work, but they share, listen, recognize, earn? Will they continue to invest in the country and its people?

As we look abroad and hope for the future of this country, startupers with passports full of stamps talk about the obstacles they have faced and the ways they found to beat them.

Furthermore, experts from different fields (business consultants, social media experts, lawyers, etc.) will offer tips based on their vast experience and propose guidelines for those wishing to do business in Greece and abroad, create their own companies, seek funding and strengthen extroversion.