Privacy Flag Project

 Enabling Crowd-sourcing based privacy protection for smartphone applications, websites and Internet of Things deployments

Grant Agreement (GA) No.653426


Privacy Flag combines crowd sourcing, ICT technology and legal expertise to protect citizen privacy when visiting websites, using smart-phone applications, or living in a smart city. It will enable citizens to monitor and control their privacy with a user friendly solution provided as a smart phone application, a web browser add-on and a
public website. Privacy Flag will:

1. Develop a highly scalable privacy monitoring and protection solution with:
– Crowd sourcing mechanisms to identify, monitor and assess privacy-related risks;
– Privacy monitoring agents to identify suspicious activities and applications;
– Universal Privacy Risk Area Assessment Tool and methodology tailored on European norms on personal data protection;
– Personal Data Valuation mechanism;
– Privacy enablers against traffic monitoring and finger printing;
– User friendly interface informing on the privacy risks when using an application or

2. Develop a global knowledge database of identified privacy risks, together with online services to support companies and other stakeholders in becoming privacy-friendly, including:
– In-depth privacy risk analytical tool and services; – Voluntary legally binding mechanism for companies located outside Europe to align with and abide to European standards in terms of personal data protection;
– Services for companies interested in being privacy friendly;
– Labelling and certification process.

3. Collaborate with standardization bodies and actively disseminate towards the public and specialized communities, such as ICT lawyers, policy makers and academics. By combining the UPRAAT methodology, distributed privacy monitoring agents and crowd sourcing, the platform will enable a large scale privacy risk assessment process, which would not be possible with a regular top down assessment approach. Moreover, by mutualizing the skills and capacities of the crowd, it will reverse and rebalance the asymmetric relationship between individual users in front of large and powerful companies with a clear incentive to comply with privacy protection. More generally, Privacy Flag intends to provide a set of tools and services to improve personal data protection and privacy of European citizens.

Several European partners, including SMEs and a large telco operator (ΟΤΕ S.A.), bring their complementary technical, legal, societal and business expertise; strong links with standardization bodies and international fora; and outcomes from over 20 related research projects. It will build a privacy defenders community and will establish a legal entity with a sound business plan to ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

More information about Privacy Flag where OTE participates as the project coordinator, can be found at:

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