21 November 2018 – Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

«New Horizons: The Techonomy of Gigabit Era!»

We live in the age of technology! Changes are rapid and the future, coming to us at a speed of multiple Gigabits, seems particularly interesting and much promising.

This year, during the anniversary of 25 years of Mobile Telephony in our country, a chapter closes and we move on to the next level of telecom evolution, which belongs to technologies like: FTTH, 5G, VR, AR, AI, IoT, etc.

Soon, all devices will be interconnected, and connectivity will be taking place in especially high speeds, so that features and services that today belong in the realm of science fiction, will then become reality!

However, in order to get there, the ICT industry went through several different stages. The anniversary 20th InfoCom World aims to highlight the developments that marked the Greek telecoms industry in the last 20 years, starting from 1998, when the 1st InfoCom World took place, under the title “New Horizons. Twenty years later, this industry is still one of the most dynamic ones, both in Greece and globally, in fact acting as a catalyst for almost every industry: manufacturing, banking, health, security, education, food service, transportation & logistics, retail, etc.

At the same time, this year’s Conference hopes to be a staging area for the new age, highlight opportunities and set the beat of the day after, with comments by executives who represent the industry’s future! So, the still relevant title of the first Conference, “New Horizons”, seamlessly connects to the rising age, “The Gigabit Era”, and through “Techonomy”, highlights the technological challenges and business opportunities of the modern age. The main sessions of this year’s Conference are:

  • 1st Session: Techonomy: Vision, Value & Money!
  • 2nd Session: The Digital Era: Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.)
  • 3rd Session: Leader’s Summit – Revenue Generators: Dreamers and Believers

1993-2018: 25 years of Mobile Telecom in Greece

On Tuesday 29 June 1993, we heard for the first time in our country, the first live call on a mobile phone. It has been 25 years since and the mobile phone is now an integral part of our lives, since it places us at the center of a global network of communication and information. During those 25 years, we saw four generations of wireless technology, billions of dollars in transactions, millions of employees in this sector, and exponential increase of all sizes related to those technologies. In the 20th InfoCom World, we aim to make a little stop and look back to see not only which things have changed, but also which ones insist on remaining the same. After we attempt this review, we’ll turn ahead again, to see what we can fix in order to accelerate our steps towards the 3rd decade of global networking. The celebration for 25 years of Mobile Telephony, which coincides with 30 years of Internet access in Greece, is a celebration of technology, a celebration for all of us, because technological developments have changed all of our lives. And we haven’t seen anything yet. The best is yet to come!

Parallel Activities

This year’s Plenary puzzle is put together by prominent speakers, both from the national and global technology industries, as well as Greeks with international careers. Like every year, there will be a variety of activities, parallel themed sections, as well as specialized labs by prominent speakers, offering the best possible user experience to participants. Finally, in the specially designed expo area of the Conference, participants will have the opportunity to talk with representatives of the top companies in ICT, and learn about new products and services that will help them evolve not only their daily tasks, but their business activity as well.

Who are the participants

The entire business community participates in InfoCom World: Executives of Telecommunications, IT & Media, CEOs, CIOs and IT Directors, Operation Managers, Data Center & Cloud Experts, Network Engineers, IT Strategists & Solution Architects, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Technological Equipment and Consumer Electronics. Practically, the Conference is relevant to all sectors, given that ICT is involved horizontally, directly or indirectly, to all industries. So, it addresses, among others: System Integrators, Service Providers, Financial Directors, Developers, IT Security Officers, IT Auditors, ICT Engineers, Business Consultants, Data Analysts, Managers of Sales, Advertising and Marketing, HR & PR Executives, Legal Advisors, etc.

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