Tuesday, November 26, 2019 – Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel

«Economy 4.0: Connected Future»

With fiber optics networks, and superfast bandwidth they offer, now reaching consumers at fast rates, as well as 5G finding its way in the business plans of providers, telecommunication infrastructures in Greece turn a page.

New possibilities for citizens, and new challenges and opportunities for businesses, shape the new landscape of the Greek economy, which, equipped with all-new digital tools, appears ready to attract investments. The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams!

Digital development now transforms all economy sectors, and this overall transformation will be the axis around which the 21st InfoCom World Conference will revolve, titled “Economy 4.0: Connected Future”. Change is the process through which the future enters our lives!

Besides, the parallel courses of technology and economy is a constant, and a quantifiable one at that, as it is proven beyond doubt that digital development and financial indexes move in sync.

Besides economy, digital transformation also affects us on a social level. From the relations between state and citizens, governance transparency, integrity, authority processes, to health, security and justice, a new e-government model starts to take form.

Obviously, digital transformation of the state, besides having a social effect, also leaves a financial footprint.

From the ease to open a business, to simplifying transactions with public services, a huge number of workhours is made available, that can be invested on creative development.

Greece’s effort to find its way towards the exit from recession, will be largely based on utilizing digital technologies, as well as new telecommunications infrastructures.

In fact, the investments on next generation infrastructures, both wireless and landline, are in themselves significant, with their exponential benefits constantly rising.

At the same time, businesses have already got the message, and started utilizing the capabilities of digital technologies, in order to transform. In this year’s InfoCom World, we will attempt to highlight some of the best examples, case studies and success stories, in this market sector.

Beyond professional and personal applications, connected homes and smart ecosystems speed towards a networked world, an entirely new sector of economic activity.

Revolving around “smart living”, many business developments already take place in retail, which hope to give a renewed boost to the technology industry.

In this year’s InfoCom World, we will see suggestions, implementations and plans, for the development of the Smart Home industry, as well as challenges, opportunities and prospects.

One thing’s fore sure, the 4th Industrial Revolution Age is at the gates, and the only question here is which trends and technologies will finally prevail and shape the next decade’s digital technology.

For one more year, InfoCom World will be the conference to show the way to the future, true to its title: Connected Future. So, connect to the future, be there, be part of the game, because as the saying goes: the future is already here, people just don’t know about it yet.

Parallel Activities

Just like every year, there will be a series of parallel activities, themed sessions, as well as specialized labs, featuring distinguished speakers to offer the best possible practical experience to attendants.

Sponsor Companies Expo

At a specially organized expo area, over 3.000 visitors are expected to attend the conference, and have the opportunity to talk with representatives of the most distinguished ICT companies, and learn about new products and services that will help them take forward not only their daily lives, but their business activities as well.

A summit for ICT professionals

The InfoCom World Conference, organized by Smart Press, supported by the InfoCom and Mobile Telephony magazines, has long been an institution for Telecommunications, IT and Media in SE Europe. It’s an annual meeting place for digital industry executives, as well as all who use specialized tools and services, in order to realize Digital Transformation.

The entire business community participates in InfoCom World: Executives in Telecoms, IT & Media, CEOs, CIOs and IT Directors, Operation Managers, Data Center & Cloud Experts, Network Engineers, IT Strategists & Solution Architects, Manufacturers & Suppliers of technological equipment and consumer electronics.

Essentially, the conference is relevant to all business sectors, given that ICT is directly or indirectly involved in all industries. So, among others, it is for: System Integrators, Service Providers, Financial Directors, Developers, IT Security Officers, IT Auditors, ICT Engineers, Business Consultants, Data Analysts, Executives in Sales, Advertising & Marketing, HR & PR Executives, Legal Advisors, etc.

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