23rd InfoCom World

Recharging Greece: Revolution of the Evolution!

24 – 25 – 26 November 2021

The best speakers, all in one place!

The pandemic measures and conditions as shaped in all specs of social and professional everyday life, changed everything and led to an awesome acceleration, in terms of utilizing digital technologies.

As the entire planet tries to return to normal, in Greece we are at a critical juncture, facing the great challenge of harnessing the dynamics created by the further adoption of new technologies so that using digital transformation as a means, it may lead to increased growth rates at multiple levels, regaining lost ground.

Digital technologies, and especially telecommunications infrastructure and ICT services and solutions for citizens and businesses, are the key to this effort to restore and “accelerate” the country.

That focus is actually the main subject of the opening discussion for the 23rd InfoCom World 2021, organized – same as every year – by SmartPress, capturing the “revolution” of technological development as a pillar of “recharging” the businesses and help the country grow.

The conference takes place in a period of important developments, focusing on investments in new technological infrastructures and solutions, and their utilization by the public and private sectors, in order to “widen” our steps even more.

Fiber optics networks are now evolving rapidly, providing an opportunity for citizens and businesses to become more productive, as well as adopt new work models such as WFH. At the same time, 5G networks and their first applications are emerging, gradually creating a new ecosystem that will help the country’s productive forces to boost up the innovation and services they provide.

There are also remarkable investments in the field of Data Centers, Cloud, IoT, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence and other technological infrastructures, by large multinational, as well as robust Greek companies and even Startups, creating favorable conditions for Greece to dynamically move on to the 4th Industrial Revolution, that will upgrade the country to a technological hub for the wider region of Southeastern Europe.

Highlighting all parameters of these issues, as well as the strategies, practices and solutions that this year’s conference tagline true, “Recharging Greece: Revolution of the Evolution!” will emerge through discussion panels, speeches, presentations and ,workshops at the three-day 23rd InfoCom World, which will take place -save any variables that may come up- in a hybrid way, and we expect an attendance of thousands of executives and professionals in the wider field of ICT technologies from the public and private sector from all over Greece, same as every year.

The objective of the conference is to “give the mic” to those with solutions and proposals to present, in order to accelerate the pace of digital development, as well as provoke creative discussions, so that we may make the right choices and draw a roadmap that will help Greece make a big leap forward.


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